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Battery Pack

High power output, Lightweighted Li-ion battery
No memory effect, and robust for recharging and long term storage



Model BPL-2510ES BPL-2515ES BPL-3620ES
Rated Output DC25.2V 1.0Ah DC25.2V 1.5Ah DC36V 2.0Ah
Weight 0.4kg 0.54kg 0.68kg
Protection Function Over charge Protection When battery pack is charged: Full charge automatic stop
Over discharge Protection During over discharge
Fuse for over current protection
Operating Temparature Range 0-40℃
Storage Temperature (within a month) -20-40℃
Storage Temperature (more than a month) -20-30℃
Battery Charger


Model BC0075G BC1475ES
Suitable Battery BPL-2510ES, BPL-2515ES BPL-2510ES, BPL-2515ES, BPL-3620ES
Rated Input AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Rated Output BPL-2510ES, BPL-2515ES: 2A±0.2A BPL-2510ES, BPL-2515ES: 2A±0.2A
BPL-3620ES: 1.6A±0.2A
Charging time BPL-2510ES: 40minutes(Approx. 40 minutes for 80% charging)
BPL-2515ES: 90minutes(Approx. 60 minutes for 80% charging)
BPL-2510ES: 45minutes(Approx. 30 minutes for 80% charging)
BPL-2515ES: 60minutes(Approx. 45 minutes for 80% charging)
BPL-3620ES: 90minutes(Approx. 75 minutes for 80% charging)
Protection Function Over current protection
Other function Cooling fan LED display (3 colors/6 steps mode)
Operating Temp. Range 0-40℃
Power cord for Interface Unit
Model Length (m) Remarks
EH2-CP02-UL1 2 AC100V 
EH2-CP02-CE2 2 AC200V, Plag not included
Power cord for Battery Charger
Model Length (m) Remarks
EHC-CP01-UL1 1 AC100V 
EHC-CP02-AC 1 AC200V