Handheld Nutrunner: Handy2000 Cordless

Control Unit

■ Infrared data communication:
    Easy setup by using Infrared
■ Large size LED:
    Diplay with 7 Segments LED
■ Communication ports located underside:
    Less space, less wiring
■ Communication function:
    Infrared: Tool recognition
    COM: RS-232C port (Handy2000 Management Software, Barcode Reader, Data out)
    Ethernet: Ethernet port (Management Software)
    Fastening results monitor and collection on the serevr

Interface Unit: EHC-IF20-Z**

Interface Unit: EHC-IF10-Z*

Model EHC-IF10-Z* EHC-IF20-Z*N
Power Supply (50/60Hz) AC100V - 230V ±10%  
Display and Panel Button 7 segments LED display, Operation key (x6)
Max. Program numbers 99 Programs
Communication Port Infrared (for tool setup)
COM (for Handy2000 management software, Barcode scanner, PC Data out)
USB, NET, Fieldbus are not available
on EHC-IF10 unit
PC-USB (for Handy2000 management software)
USB (for USB Flash Drive)
NET (for Socket Tray) Fieldbus (for Fieldbus (option))
Symbol of last character in Model code EHC-IF20-Z*N stands for
N: None (Standrd spec.)
D: DeviceNet (option)
P: Profibus (option)
C: CC-Link (option)
E: EtherNet/IP (option)
T: Profinet (option)
Data Storage Fastening Result (Max. 33,000 records)
Torque Curve (Max. 15 records: OK x 5/NG x 10)
System Error (Max. 50 records)
Self Diagnosis Zero point, CAL, Overload, Overheat, Battery balance, etc
Dimensions (mm) W172 x H143 x D92 W172 x H143 x D123
Weight (kg) 1.5 2.1

* 1: Japan, China, Europe, Brazil, Russia  2: USA and Canada