Servo Press: Compact Servo Press

Management Software

Management Software "ENRZ-PC50" exclusively for Z50 series enables various parameters editing.

  • OS compatibility: Windows10, Windows8/8.1, Windows7 SP1, WindowsVista SP1.2 32bit, WindowsXP SP3 32bit
  • Language: Japanese, English
  • Communication interface: USB, Ethernet, RS-232C
System Settings

Display System parameters of controller and edit them

Master Control Unit System Parameter
Press Control Unit System Parameter
Press Parameter Settings

Display and edit press parameters for AXIS control unit

Press Parameter
Press Parameter Copy
Press Parameter Channel Select
Internal PLC program

Simplified internal PLC function is provided, and programming, saving, reading, verifying of PLC Logic can be made
Functions for editing logic program are located in each tab

Press Result History

Load, display and print press result history stored in the controller.

Press Curve History

Display and print Press curve on AXIS unit or Press curve on Press Control Unit
Items for Fastening (Pressing) result data can be selectable

Press Curve
System error history

Display and print System error on Controller

System error history

Functions like "Torque, Angle, Press, Position monitoring""Signal monitoring and signal input" are available

Press load and Position monitoring
I/O monitoring and signal output
I/O allocation

Allocate signal on each I/O port.
And also allocate bit signal, word data for Fieldbus

Master Control Unit I/O allocation