Handheld Nutrunner: Handy2000 TouchHAND NUTRUNNER

Cables & Accessories


Model Length(m) Remarks
EH2-CVS05-SS 5  
EH2-CVS10-SS 10  
EH2-CVS15-SS 15  
EH2-CVS20-SS 20 Order-to-made
EH2-CVS25-SS 25 Order-to-made
EH2-CVS30-SS 30 Order-to-made
EH2-CVC03-SS 1.5 Spiral Cable
EH2-CVE05-SS 5 Relay Cable
EH2-CVE10-SS 10 Relay Cable
EH2-CVE15-SS 15 Relay Cable
Power cord








Model Length(m) Remarks
EH2-CP02-UL1 2 100V 
EH2-CP02-CE2 2 200V without plug
EH2-CP02-CN1 2 200V China plug
EH2-CP02-UK1 2 200V UK plug
EH2-CP02-EU1 2 200V Europe Plug
EH2-CP02-TH1 2 200V Thailand plug
Cable adaptor

Model Name Remarks
EH2-CVAD-L L Shape Cable Adapter 90 degrees direction
EH2-CVAD-U U Shape Cable Adapter 180 degrees direction
Hanging Fixture for Tool unit

EH2-SY01 EH2-SB01

EH2-PH01 EH2-PH02 EH2-PH03

Model Name Remarks
EH2-SY01 Hanging Fixture for Swivel Straight, Angle Tool (100/200W) :Horizontal
EH2-SB01 Hanging Fixture Straight, Angle Tool (100W) :Horizontal
ENRH-SB02 Hanging Fixture Straight, Angle Tool (200W) :Horizontal
EH2-SH01 Hanging Fixture Straight, Angle Tool (50/100/200W) :Vertical
EH2-PH01 Hanging Fixture Pistol (50/100W) :Horizontal/Up-side-down
EH2-PH02 Hanging Fixture Pistol (50/100W) :Horizontal
Straight (50W) :Horizontal
EH2-PH03 Hanging Fixture Pistol (50/100W) :Vertical

* Please inquire for hanging fixture used for EH2-R3***-* series.

Support Handle

Model Name Remarks
ENRH-RP20S Reaction Plate (S) Straight,Pistol Tool (16/20 N m)
ENRH-RP20W Reaction Plate (W) Straight,Pistol Tool (16/20 N m)
ENRH-RP35W Reaction Plate (W) Straight Tool (35 N m)
ENRH-RP90W Reaction Plate (W) Straight Tool (55/85/120 N m)
ENRH-LNM30 Reaction Locknut For mounting ENRH-RP20S and ENRH-RP20W
ENRH-SH01 Support Handle
ENRH-SH02 Switch Handle With start trigger and Forward/Reverse switch
Switch Lever

Model Name Remarks
EH2-LS01 Short Switch Lever Straight, Angle (100/200W)
EH2-LS02 Long Switch Lever Straight, Angle (100/200W)

* Long Switch Lever does not for EH2-R3***-* series.

Protection Cover

Model Name Remarks
EH2-PP01 Protection Cover For EH2-P1050-P
EH2-PP02 Protection Cover For 16/20Nm Pistol tool
EH2-PP03 Protection Cover For 5/10Nm Pistol tool
EH2-PP04 Protection Cover For EH2-H0015-P
EH2-PP05 Protection Cover For EH2-H1030-P
EH2-PP06 Protection Cover For EH2-S1050-P
Connectors for Control unit

Model Description Remarks
EH2-FCN13-RL Connector for Relay For RELAY/EXT IN port
EH2-FCN4-RM Connector for Remote I/O For REMOTE I/O port
EH2-FCN5-DC Connector for DC24V For DC OUT port
ENRZ-CN36-EX Conector for Parallel I/O For OPTION I/O port
NET Cable

Model Name Remarks
EH2-CVNK-005 NET Cable Multi Spindle, TCU: 0.5m
EH2-CVNK-010 NET Cable Multi Spindle, TCU: 1m
EH2-CVNK-030 NET Cable Multi Spindle, TCU: 3m
EH2-CNST Termination Resistor  
Controller Base

Model Name Remarks
EH2-CF02 Controller Base For vertical