Handheld Nutrunner: Tracer Arm

Control Unit

  • The trace control unit (TCU) controls the position detection of the arm unit, communicates with the Handy 2000 controller, and establishes a traceability system for tightening result and position information.
  • Equipped with control input / outputs that allow free assignment, units can be selected according to the number of signals.
Trace Controll Unit: EH2-TCU
Power supply DC24V±10% (It can supplied from a Handy2000 controller)
Power consumption 10W or less
Display/Operation Indicator lamp: 3 pieces, Push-button: 3 pieces
Control Input/Output PIO(IN/OUT): 6 points (PNP/NPN) PIO(IN/OUT): 6 points (PNP/NPN)
EXTPIO(IN/OUT): 24 points (PNP/NPN)
Number of assignable programs 99
(Up to 63 positions can be registered per program)
Weight 0.9 kg