Handheld Nutrunner: Handy2000 MicroHAND NUTRUNNER

Control Unit

Control Box

Model Power Supply Input Voltage External Dimensions (mm)
EH2-HT60-000***-* DC48V(Supplied from Power BOX) - D63.5 x W167 x H153.5
Basic Specifications of the Control Box

■ Display screen
High visibillity 4.3-inch LCD touch screen, Operation Keys (7 pieces), LED lamp (4 pieces)

■ Fastening methods
Torque control, Torque control angle monitoring, Angle control, Torque or angle control, Torque and angle control, Reverse angle control, Yield control, Yield angle control, Inspection toruque method

■ Fastening mode
Direct mode (Continuous fastening)

■ Fastening Channel
Max. 99 Channels

■ Fastening Result History
Max. 50,000 records

■ Torque Curve History
Max. 60 records (OK fastening: 30, NG fastening: 30)

■ Communication Port
COM (Handy 2000 management software connection, Barcode reader connection, RS-232C port for connection with serial printer/PC data output)
ETHER (Ethernet connection port 10/100 BASE-T (RJ45 2Port))
PC-USB(USB connector (miniB type))(Handy 2000 management software connection)
NET (NET connection port for multi spindle, trace arm and socket tray)
FIELDBUS (DeviceNet/Profibus/CC-Link/Ethernet/IP/Profinet connection port (option))

■ Ethernet (LAN)
2 Ethernet ports are available. It makes networking simple without the switch (daisy-chainable).
Management software is able to connect through Ethernet, and it is also possible to monitor/control and collect data with a server by the special protocol.

■ Fieldbus
Profinet, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, CC-Link, EtherNet/IP (option)
Bit signal and Word data are assignable, and input and output Bit and Word

■ Memory
Program/system parameter, Allocation of I/O, Fastening Results, Fastening Result History, Torque Curve History, System Error History
Parameter in USB flash drive, Fastening result storage

■ USB Flash Drive
Fastening results can be exported to USB Flash Drive.
Program file can be inported and exported.

■ External Dimensions
W167mm x H153.5mm x D63.5mm

■ Weight
Approx. 990g

Power BOX

Unit that supplies DC48V power to the control box.

Model Power Supply Input Voltage External Dimensions (mm)
EACC-PS48V AC100~240V±10% 50/60Hz 0.15kVA/Spindle D150×W194×H56