Handheld Nutrunner: Handy2000 Lite plusHAND NUTRUNNER

Cables & Accessories


Model Length(m) Remarks
EH2-CVS05-SS 5  
EH2-CVS10-SS 10  
EH2-CVS15-SS 15  
EH2-CVS20-SS 20 Order-to-made
EH2-CVS25-SS 25 Order-to-made
EH2-CVS30-SS 30 Order-to-made
EH2-CVC03-SS 1.5 Spiral Cable
EH2-CVE05-SS 5 Relay Cable
EH2-CVE10-SS 10 Relay Cable
EH2-CVE15-SS 15 Relay Cable
Power cord








Model Length(m) Remarks
EH2-CP02-UL1 2 100V 
EH2-CP02-CE2 2 200V without plug
EH2-CP02-CN1 2 200V China plug
EH2-CP02-UK1 2 200V UK plug
EH2-CP02-EU1 2 200V Europe Plug
EH2-CP02-TH1 2 200V Thailand plug
Cable adaptor

Model Name Remarks
EH2-CVAD-L(*) L Shape Cable Adapter 90 degrees direction
EH2-CVAD-U(*) U Shape Cable Adapter 180 degrees direction

(*) : Please refer to the following CAD drawing and fill in the takeout angle.
   EH2-CVAD-L Model CAD drawing
   EH2-CVAD-U Model CAD drawing

Hanging Fixture for tool unit

EH2-SY01 EH2-SB01

EH2-PH01 EH2-PH02 EH2-PH03

Model Name Remarks
EH2-SY01 Hanging Fixture for Swivel Straight, Angle Tool (100/200W) :Horizontal
EH2-SB01 Hanging Fixture Straight, Angle Tool (100W) :Horizontal
ENRH-SB02 Hanging Fixture Straight, Angle Tool (200W) :Horizontal
EH2-SH01 Hanging Fixture Straight, Angle Tool (50/100/200W) :Vertical
EH2-PH01 Hanging Fixture Pistol (50/100W) :Horizontal/Up-side-down
EH2-PH02 Hanging Fixture Pistol (50/100W) :Horizontal
Straight (50W) :Horizontal
EH2-PH03 Hanging Fixture Pistol (50/100W) :Vertical

* Please inquire for hanging fixture used for EH2-R3*** series.

Support Handle

Model Name Remarks
ENRH-RP20S Reaction Plate (S) Straight,Pistol Tool (16/20 N m)
ENRH-RP20W Reaction Plate (W) Straight,Pistol Tool (16/20 N m)
ENRH-RP35W Reaction Plate (W) Straight Tool (35 N m)
ENRH-RP90W Reaction Plate (W) Straight Tool (55/85/120 N m)
ENRH-LNM30 Reaction Locknut For mounting ENRH-RP20S and ENRH-RP20W
ENRH-SH01 Support Handle
ENRH-SH02 Switch Handle With start trigger and Forward/Reverse switch
Switch Lever

Model Name Remarks
EH2-LS01 Short Switch Lever Straight, Angle (100/200W)
EH2-LS02 Long Switch Lever Straight, Angle (100/200W)

* Long lever switch does not for EH2-R3*** series.

Protection Cover

Model Name Remarks
EH2-PP01 Protection Cover For EH2-P1050-P
EH2-PP02 Protection Cover For 16/20Nm Pistol tool
EH2-PP03 Protection Cover For 5/10Nm Pistol tool
EH2-PP04 Protection Cover For EH2-H0015-P
EH2-PP05 Protection Cover For EH2-H1030-P
EH2-PP06 Protection Cover For EH2-S1050-P
* Order-to-made Protection Cover For 20-180Nm Angle tool
Protective cover for angle tools / Silicon band

Protective cover for angle tools : An anti-entanglement rubber socket cover.
Silicon band
: A band that covers the protective cover cutout to prevent from sliding fingers inside it.

Model (Set) Sets include the following items Applicable angle tool
Protective cover for angle tools Silicon band
Model (Separate) Quantity Model (Separate) Quantity
EH2-AP01S EH2-AP01 1 EH2-PB01 1 80Nm tools (EH2-R2080-A, EH2-H1070-A)
EH2-AP02S EH2-AP02 1 EH2-PB01 2 120Nm tools (EH2-R2120-A, EH2-H2100-A)
EH2-AP03S EH2-AP03 1 EH2-PB01 2 180Nm tools (EH2-R2180-A, EH2-H2140-A)
EH2-AP04S EH2-AP04 1 EH2-PB02 1 20Nm tool (EH2-R1020-A)
EH2-AP05S EH2-AP05 1 EH2-PB02 1 30Nm tool (EH2-R1030-A)
EH2-AP06S EH2-AP06 1 EH2-PB02 1 50Nm tool (EH2-R2050-A)

* Also sold as a separate item

Accessories for control unit

Model Description Remarks
EH2-FCN13-RL Connector for Relay For RELAY/EXT IN port
EH2-FCN04-RM Connector for Remote I/O For REMOTE I/O port
EH2-FCN05-DC Connector for DC24V For DC OUT port
ENRZ-CN36-EX Conector for extension I/O For OPTION I/O port
ENRZ-CVCK-030 CHK connector cable For CHK CN1/CN2: 3m
NET Cable

Model Name Remarks
EH2-CVNK-005 NET Cable Multi Spindle, TCU: 0.5m
EH2-CVNK-010 NET Cable Multi Spindle, TCU: 1m
EH2-CVNK-030 NET Cable Multi Spindle, TCU: 3m
EH2-CNST Termination Resistor  
Controller Base

Model Name Remarks
EH2-CF02 Controller Base For vertical