Handheld Nutrunner: Handy2000 Lite plusHAND NUTRUNNER


Socket Tray
  • Socket Tray is a unit to assist selecting a right socket and a right tightening program in the process which requires to change multiple sockets.
  • Easy settings by Management software (version 7.12 or later) on PC.
  • Socket holder size is adjustable by an adjustable plate.
  • 2 LEDs (Red, Green) indicate the status of each socket (Socket to pick, Socket is picked, Wrong socket is picked).


Model EH2-ST4 EH2-ST8
Number of Sockets 4 8
Suitable Control Unit EH2-HT40 (Handy2000 Lite)
EH2-HT45 (Handy2000 Lite plus)
EH2-HT50 (Handy2000 Touch)
EHC-IF20 (Handy2000Cordless)
Connection Cable *1 EH2-CVST-005 (0.5m)
Expansion Cable *2 EH2-CVST2-010 (1m)
Connection Cable (for extension) *3 EH2-CVST3-050 (5m)
EH2-CVST3-100 (10m)
EH2-CVST3-150 (15m)

*1 For connecting between Socket tray and Controller. An accessory of Socket tray.

*2 For connecting between Socket tray to Socket tray.

*3 For Connection cable and Expansion cable.

Data Logger System: ESW-DL

This software collects tightening (pressing) data from ESTIC’s controllers through Ethernet connection.
This is a solution to fit requirements for data management on safety critical process which requires traceability.

  • The software works for connecting with combination of different series of controllers.
  • Data output by a controller is stored in a database and displayed on the screen.
  • Torque (Press) graph can be displayed on the screen as well.
  • Obtained tightening (pressing) data can be exported with excel format on schedule, and it makes easier for data analysis.

Search of result data

Search of result data

Indication of torque curve

Indication of torque curve