Handheld Nutrunner: Handy2000 Lite plusHAND NUTRUNNER

System Configuration

Configuration with various functions

■ Simplified PLC Function

Simplified PLC Function is embedded with AND, OR, Timer logic
Buzzer, Turning LED on Signal Tower can be programmed with this function

■ Free Allocation Function

Item to stored as fasetning result, and data to communicate with external device can be freely selected and allocated
By selecting necessary items, it can minimize the size of data
Control signals for P I/O, Remote I/O, Relay Output, Non voltage Contact can be also freely allocated

■ Barcode reader

Barcode reader can be directly conncted to the controller
Scanned data can be stored with fastening result
Identifier function links the scanned data to Channel or JOB number

System Configuration Chart
Multi Spindle connection

It is possible to let Vehicle number select Channel automatically
Fastening parameters are set on Master Controller, then linked to Local Controllers through NET cable

Multi Spindle connection
Expandable Networking

It collects data from max. of 50 controllers through Ethernet via switch hub
It can minimize the wiring by using Fieldbus for Channel selection, interlocking
※ It differs depending on the environment

System configuration combination chart
Tool type Model Specifications Motor Output (W) Control Unit
Angle EH2-H0020-A Pulse only,
High Speed Tool
50 EH2-HT50-000***
EH2-T0040-A Pulse only,
High Speed Tool
Straight EH2-R0005-SC Connector Start
EH2-R0005-SL Lever Start
EH2-R0005-SP Push Start
EH2-R0010-SC Connector Start
EH2-R0010-SL Lever Start
EH2-R0010-SP Push Start
Pistol EH2-R0005-P  
EH2-H0015-P Pulse only,
High Speed Tool
EH2-T0050-P Pulse only,
High Speed Tool
Angle EH2-R1020-A   100
EH2-H1070-A Pulse only,
High Speed Tool
Straight EH2-R1016-S Involute Spline
EH2-R1020-S Involute Spline
Pistol EH2-R1016-P  
EH2-R1016-PH Involute Spline
EH2-R1020-PH Involute Spline
EH2-H1030-P Pulse only,
High Speed Tool
EH2-P1050-P Pulse only
EH2-S1050-P Pulse only,
High Speed Tool
Angle EH2-R2050-A   200
EH2-H2100-A Pulse only,
High Speed Tool
EH2-H2140-A Pulse only,
High Speed Tool
Straight EH2-R2035-S Flange
EH2-R2055-S Flange
EH2-R2085-S Flange
EH2-R2120-S Flange
Pistol EH2-R2085-PH Direct only, Flange
EH2-R2120-PH Direct only, Flange
Angle EH2-R3270-A Direct only, Flange
EH2-R3370-A Direct only, Flange
EH2-R3450-A Direct only, Flange
EH2-R3600-A Direct only, Flange
Straight EH2-R3200-S Direct only, Flange
EH2-R3260-S Direct only, Flange
EH2-R3320-S Direct only, Flange
EH2-R3420-S Direct only, Flange