Handheld Nutrunner: Handy2000 Lite plusHAND NUTRUNNER


  • Next Generation Handheld Nutrunner Handy2000Lite plus is developed with sophisticated electronics control and mechanical, software technologies, and manufactured under high level quality control.
  • Based on the concepts required by users such as fastening accuracy, environment friendliness, safetiness, handheld nutrunner as accurate as fixtured nutrunner is now available with minimized reaction force.
  • The Boost mode which increses the free run speed 150% faster than current controller models is added.
  • This series are all transducerized and angle, pistol and straight tools are available.
  • Various applications are also available in order to fit various conditions of fastening.
  • Tool performance is tested with the equipment complaied with ISO5393
  • Fastening accuracy 3σ/ x  ≤ 3% F.S.  (on direct mode)
  • Manufacturing in accordance of ISO9001
  • Power consumption is 1/20 compared to conventional pneumatic tools
  • No oil mist and noise reduced
  • Complied with EC Directive
  • Reaction force is remarkably reduced with patented pulse drive technology (Patent USA and Japan)
  • Ergonomics design is adopted to reduce user's work load
  • Tracer Arm and Reaction Arm are available for Pokayoke and assisting work