Servo Press: Servo Press


Environmental Consideration
  • Reduction of energy consumption and noise with superior features of a servo motor drive.
    (Energy consumption is approx. 10 - 20 % less energy in comparison with air or oil powered presses.)
Improvement of Production
  • Controlling load, position, speed, and time with high accuracy optimizes production cycle time.
  • Feeding back real time operation conditions prevents damaging work object.
Safety Design
  • Internal brake holds ram from free fall in case of power failure.
Easy Setup
  • System configuration is simple consisting of tool, controller and cable. User friendly parameter input enables short setup times.
    (High accuracy load cell and revolver are used.)
  • A large range of data is collected allowing for full traceability.

Dynamic Slope / Stall Function

Motion control of servo motor directory reads the real time feed-back load condition from press tool.
This function is able to keep a constant load pressure by checking & controlling fluctuating load of application.

Back Monitor Function (range judgment)

This function can judge using the upper & lower load limits at any position of the pressing process. Monitoring a range based on the end of the process avoids judgments influenced by the scattering of position readings or equipment fatigue. This function is useful for improvement of yield rate.